There is a BIG difference between tax prepartion and tax planning! But the good news is we do them both. Just what is the difference between the two? Well, it's simple. Tax prepartion is simply calculating your tax liabiltiy at the end of each year. Preparers simply collect tax expenses, income, deductions and credits and apply them to the tax law.

And then there's TAX PLANNING..

At Accrual World Accounting & Tax Services, our teams customize business solutions to suit your needs and long-term goals. Each part of the plan is mapped out with controls built in that allow you to make adjustments along the way. Tax planning goes a step above simple data entry and actively find new ways to reduce your tax liabilty and increase tax breaks! A simple change in business structure could save you thousands of dollars a year and ultimately sustain your business through different stages.


Tax preparation services start as low as $69 for students without dependents. Taxpayers with multiple W-2s or dependents are subject to additional charges. Accrual World uses industry leading software to ensure you receive all deductions and credits due to you and receive your refund as fast as possible!


Tax preparation for small businesses can be stressful for some owners who haven't maintained the best financials all year, but we have a proven strategy at Accrual World. Not only do we have a full evaluation of your business before filing taxes, but we also extend discounts for filing both personal and business taxes with us. Be sure to ask your tax pro how you can save on filing this upcoming tax season. Standard rates for business income tax filings range between $150-$300 depending on the amount of transactions, employees, and other factors.

Tax planning services include, but are not limited to, auditing prior year financials, evaluating the company's current business structure, and analyzing federal and state tax structures to optimize tax breaks. Tax planning fees may be incorporated into income tax preparation or executed on an individual as need basis starting as low as $199.